As with many words in the Greek language, ygeia goes far beyond its simple translation. It describes a certain vitality and zest for life that has characterized Greek culture for centuries.

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Incorporating these five pillars into your daily routine will not only help you accomplish your health and wellness goals once and for all, but will promote sustainable habits for long-term optimal health.

With a commitment to your success, the mission of Maria Stavropoulos, Registered Dietitian and Founder of Ygeia Nutrition, is to educate, instill empowerment and provide ongoing support, guiding my clients towards a life of joy and optimal health through medical nutrition therapy.

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The Mediterranean Way of Life

The 5 Pillars of Ygeia Nutrition

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Maria Stavropoulos, MS RD CDN (Master of Science, Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist) and Founder of Ygeia Nutrition, a Nutrition Counseling Private Practice and Wellness Concierge, based in New York City.

As a Registered Dietitian and Founder of Ygeia Nutrition, I work closely with my clients and guide them using evidence-based techniques that empower them to achieve sustainable weight loss and weight management, effectively manage clinical conditions, and embrace positivity throughout their journey.

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Kind Words

I have been working with Maria Stavropoulos for a little over a year; I came to her with high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, acne, and my hormones going wild due to PCOS. I was scared that I was going into my forties, the unhealthiest I’ve ever been. This last year, Maria has been both a wealth of knowledge and a cheerleader. She is scientific in her approach, yet holistic. I now have normal blood pressure, great hemoglobin count, clear skin, no joint pain, lost almost 40 pounds, and now have the best relationship with food I’ve ever had . . . Maria has literally changed my life, and I am so excited to continue making strides in my health with her!

- Noelle F.

I LOVE Maria! I literally cannot say enough about her. She is the absolute best!! I have been working with her for a long time and she knows how to get the job done. She is now actually my friend! She is SO knowledgeable, patient, and filled with great ideas on many things! She works with you and fine tunes your eating habits and has you feeling so much better very quickly.

- Julie K.

I learned 3 important lessons from Maria that always made me hesitate to commit to a new diet plan. 1. You can still enjoy going out to eat at a restaurant (and will actually enjoy how you feel after!). 2. You can still enjoy your favorite indulgences in smaller doses, or you can make smarter swaps with healthier alternatives (ie. pizza, pasta, bagels, and the list goes on and on). 3. This is truly a lifestyle change, rather than a "diet". I enjoyed what I was eating throughout my journey, and I happily continue these habits over a year later. Maria focuses on what you need to add, rather than what you need to eliminate, and having her keep me on track week after week kept me motivated and made me excited to share my results with her. She changed my life!

- Joanna S.

I have been on a 4 year journey with Maria. She has truly changed my life. I first started to see Maria about 8 months before my 50th birthday. I wanted to be the best version of myself and Maria helped me achieve that goal! I lost over 10 lbs. and had a more healthy relationship with food than I had ever had. She introduced me to a new and healthy lifestyle. Continuing to see Maria has helped me to maintain my weight for over four years. Depending on what is going on with my weight loss/maintenance journey, Maria provides consistent support and guidance. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and continues to teach me so much about nutrition. Maria is most definitely doing what she is meant to do. Her passion for nutrition is palpable every time we talk and text. She also has amazing recipe suggestions! I can’t wait to see where our journey takes us this year!

- Marnie N.

You need to become Maria’s client for 3 reasons. One: there’s too much information on the internet about nutrition and you need an expert like Maria to identify your needs and tailor a plan that supports your goals. Two: decisions we make around food & diet are often influenced by mixed messages from media & culture. Maria has the confidence and credentials you need to cut through the noise & make decisions that are right for you – not for anyone else. Three: success under Maria’s care leads to better physical, mental, & emotional health. You will have a trusted guide & friend on the road to better health. I can say with full confidence that you will be stunned at the success the partnership yields. She is the real deal. What sets her apart is Maria herself: the compassionate, healing, and courageous woman that she is.

- Maria C.


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